Approximately 2 years ago, we began looking into opportunities to return Batesville High School to Germany in a way that was cost effective and high value to our students, both experientially and academically. After consulting with other German programs across the country, we decided to plan an exchange through the GAPP program which has been sending students to Germany since 1972 and is co-sponsored by the U.S State Department and the Deutsches Auswärtiges Amt.

Our first exchange trip took place in 2019, with 24 Batesville High School students living with German families and attending Gymnasium, or German High School.

With assistance from Hillenbrand, Batesville High School established its connection with Karl Maybach Gymnasium. Hillenbrand’s company Coperion operates a facility in the area, and the company hopes that an exchange of this nature can also serve to strengthen the connection between our two communities.



Americans to Germany -> July 2-23, Summer 2019

Germans to America -> April 4-17, Easter 2020


The final cost per student to attend the exchange in 2019 was $1900

  • $960 – Airfare via Lufthansa
  • $400 – Five day Rail Pass
  • $400-$800 – Sightseeing, Museums, Food, Hostels, Tips before and after our homestay period (to be made final before travel)

Scholarship Information

This is by no means a complete list of Scholarships. Students should never hesitate to do some online searching for other opportunities.

Some additional scholarships can be found by using the search tools at AFS-USA.


Youth for Understanding Scholarships – Jan 21.


Hillenbrand GAPP Scholarship due February 15th.
IGHS Scholarship due February 15th.


YFA Financial Aid Scholarships due March 1st.
IASG Staatskongress Scholarship due March 15th.
Road Scholarship due March 15th.
Ripley Hunter due AFTER TRAVEL

Additional Scholarship Information TBA

Important Documents and Information:

Application Documents

GAPP Parent Meeting Presentation 
BHS GAPP Application Form 
Student Personal Information Form

Travel Guides

GAPP Exchange Curriculum


Coordinating Sponsors

National Sponsors


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Parent teacher conferences:

Work a 14 hour a day work week all at school. Pay insane extra childcare costs. Don’t see your own children for a week. Never eat due to no scheduled breaks. End sick as hell and physically exhausted. All to tell five parent their kids have a A.

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