Andrew Cambron is an educator and media creator living in Newark, DE. Currently he teaches Digital Communications at Newark High School.

In his early career, Andrew worked in the film industry in Los Angeles, California cutting his teeth at several large advertising production companies. During his time he worked on a wide array of media including commercials, short films, music videos, and reality television.

Lured by the opportunity to live with family in Germany, he relocated to Munich, where he enrolled in an intensive Sprachschule and learned German while freelancing in corporate video editing.

Upon returning to the United States, he was given the serendipitous opportunity to teach German at his hometown High School. Since returning he has established the first inter-school exchange program at the school, as well as founding the BHS AV Club for young filmmakers to develop and screen their own films in the community.

As a German teacher he became the Southeastern Indiana Regional Representative of the AATG, and was invited to represent the AATG in the seminar Österreich – ein Land mit vielen Gesichter in Austria 2018. In 2019, he was named as Indiana’s Rising Star German Teacher of the Year.

Andrew received his Masters in Education from Indiana University, and has completed the Creative Commons Certificate course for educators.

In his current role at Newark High School he teaches Digital Communications, which is a multi-disciplinary career pathway course, which gives students the tools to create digital media.

His driving passions in education are developing open educational resources to improve access to cost-free teaching materials, while improving educational outcomes for all students.


If he:

-Changes his entire look for you
-Travels 1,900 miles upstream to chase you
-Procreates and dies
-Replenishes an entire ecosystem with his carcass

He's not your valentine, he's a Chinook salmon

IBM logo variations, guides and poster by Paul Rand. Animation stills by Ine Wijtvliet.

Discover more logos at http://logo-archive.org

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Today, Mayor @AftabPureval and the City of Cincinnati raised the Bengals flag as we head to the AFC Championship.


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