Popular Social Media Dimensions

General Suggestions:

Always design square photos to 1080×1080 and shrink them to the appropriate size.
Phone sized pictures/videos (instagram story, tiktok video) are 1080×1920.

Social Media

Instagram Post: 1080×1080
Instagram Story: 1080×1920
TikTok Profile Picture: 200×200
TikTok Video: 1080×1920
Facebook Banner: 820×312
Facebook Profile Picture: 1080×1080
Twitter Profile Picture: 400×400


Discord Profile Picture: 120×120
Xbox Gamerpic: 1080×1080
Playstation Avatar: 440×440
Steam Pic: 184×184


If he:

-Changes his entire look for you
-Travels 1,900 miles upstream to chase you
-Procreates and dies
-Replenishes an entire ecosystem with his carcass

He's not your valentine, he's a Chinook salmon

IBM logo variations, guides and poster by Paul Rand. Animation stills by Ine Wijtvliet.

Discover more logos at http://logo-archive.org

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Today, Mayor @AftabPureval and the City of Cincinnati raised the Bengals flag as we head to the AFC Championship.


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